Furnace Repair Costs

Furnace repair costs can be minimized and avoided by regular furnace maintenance. Furnace services are vital if you want to make sure that your furnace runs efficiently and that furnace replacement is avoided. Furnace servicing should be carried out annually.

Furnace service costs can be reduced by expert furnace installation and furnace maintenance. However, there are obviously times when the boiler may still develop a fault. The reasons for boiler failure can vary greatly. Failure could be as a result of a blocked fuel inlet, an airlock in the fuel pipe or even a problem with the boiler controls.

Knowing your boiler controls and ensuring that you check them regularly. Boiler thermostats can lose accuracy over time and a trained engineer can check and re-calibrate your thermostat and should do so on an annual basis.

Furnace installation cost can be high, when you choose a registered HVAC engineer. However, if your boiler is not installed correctly, then this will cost you even more as the boiler may fail due to incorrect installation.

The accuracy of your thermostat is important because your thermostat may save you fuel in the long term. Maintaining your furnace correctly may help to ensure that your boiler runs more efficiently and may minimize problems which can arise and result in high furnace repair costs.

Oil furnace repair will require an oil furnace specialist. The majority of oil furnaces made today have pressure burners which allow the oil to be sprayed into the combustion chamber at a high pressure, propelled by a blower. This oil is then ignited by an electric spark and the oil continues to burn as the oil is sprayed into the combustion chamber. Maintenance and repair of an oil burner is limited to the replacement of furnace repair parts such as the filters, blower, motor belts, switches and the thermostat. Other parts such as the electrodes, oil nozzle, air tubes, transformer, pump and other components require specialist tools and testing equipment. The heat pump repair cost in an oil boiler can be prohibitive. It is one of the highest costing component parts and is responsible for pumping the heat around your home. Replacement of your heat pump can dramatically improve the efficiency of your boiler by enabling the heat to be pumped around your home more efficiently.

During the winter season, check whether the smoke from the chimney is black, as this may indicate that the furnace is not burning the oil efficiently and oil is being wasted.

Asides from regular maintenance which you can do yourself, it is vital that you engage a fully trained oil boiler specialist to carry out an annual furnace service. This will not only ensure that your boiler runs more efficiently but will flag up any issues and parts which may need to be replaced before they can cause problems. Regular maintenance will save you fuel, by keeping your boiler running more efficiently and will also ensure that parts are replaced in a timely fashion before any repairs are necessary. Such maintenance will reduce boiler repair costs ensuring that your boiler is working efficiently and replacing worn or faulty parts.

By following the recommended maintenance schedule for your furnace, and making sure that you use the services of an engineer, you will extend the life of your boiler and diagnose faults before they cause avoidable damage, which altogether will minimize your furnace repair costs. You may even stop the need for extensive boiler repair costs in the first place ensuring that your furnace repair will likely be cheaper and your boiler runs efficiently regardless of the type of fuel it burns.