Furnace Repair Manual

Once you have detected the repairs that your furnace requires you will need a furnace repair manual in order to assist you to carry out the furnace repair correctly and identify what furnace repair parts you may require. It is important to use the correct manual for your particular furnace and to ensure that you are using the manual with the correct model number. If you are in doubt you can check your serial number and model number on your boiler and match it up with the correct manual. Furnace manuals can be obtained from the dealer or on the dealer’s website.

Furnace service manuals are vital in illustrating how your boiler works and the parts which it contains. Your furnace manual will tell you in detail about your furnace’s heating and cooling capabilities and in general how to operate your furnace at its optimum levels of efficiency. It will also provide advice on health and safety and hints and tips on do’s and don’ts. For example, ensuring you do not have heat producing appliances near a thermostat as this could provide a false reading and cause your house to be heated or cooled incorrectly.

A furnace repair should be carried out once you have consulted a variety of furnace repair books to ensure that the diagnosis of the fault is correct. You may require a more specialist heat pump repair manual if you discover that the fault lies with your heat pump. In order to determine this, you must rule out other possible faults. This will involve thoroughly studying your furnace service manual and familiarizing yourself with any parts. Perhaps the first thing you should check if your boiler is malfunctioning is the thermostat and on switch.

If your boiler is still not working, you should check if the door has been closed correctly as this may affect your boiler starting. Asides from this the filter maybe dirty and this will also cause a malfunction. Blown fuses, or tripped circuit breakers are also another common but simple problem you should check prior to calling out an expert. If all else fails you could check if your furnace venting is blocked by snow or ice and if this is the case remove the blockage. Another simple problem could be the batteries on your thermostat.

If you are unsure how to check any of the common problems listed above, then your furnace repair manual will assist you, providing you with illustrated step by step guides on what to check if your boiler is not working. Your furnace repair manual should guide you through the process of replacing the faulty parts in your furnace correctly. However if you are unsure, always get an expert to check.