Gas Furnace

Gas furnace repair is more likely to be required if there has been no regular maintenance of the system. Regular gas furnace maintenance is vital to ensure that your gas furnace is running safely and efficiently. Operating a gas furnace requires the combustion of gas within your furnace. This process can cause wear and tear on your boiler over time and requires a gas furnace service annually to ensure that the gas is burning efficiently and is not giving off poisonous gas fumes such as carbon monoxide which can prove fatal. Some gas furnace manufacturers include a service agreement with the installation of their boiler and this allows for a built in annual service which also offers a warranty on gas furnace parts.

Gas furnace repairs are a necessary activity when operating any type of furnace. However, regular servicing will flag up any gas furnace parts which need to be replaced before these cause unnecessary damage to your boiler. Gas furnace repair can result from a failure of parts such as:


  • The thermostat – old thermostats can lose their accuracy over time. They need to be recalibrated on an annual basis if they are an older model to check that they are still functioning correctly.
  • Circuit breaker – you should always check your circuit breaker to ensure that there has not been a tripped circuit in your system.
  • Programmers and timer switches – check that the clock dial is not seized. If it is the on off settings on your timer may be incorrect.
  • Electronic programmers – check to see if the LCD, display, circuit board electronics have not failed. If you do require a replacement then this can be easily fitted.
  • Radiator valves – turn the thermostat up and if your radiator valve still is not functioning, you may require a gas safe engineer to drain your system down and install a new one.
  • Condensate pipe – this pipe may freeze in wintertime and gurgling and bubbling noises may occur. If you suspect that your condensate pipe may be prone to freezing, then there are practical measures you can take.


Being able to go through gas furnace troubleshooting process will reveal any simple faults that you can rectify yourself.

Gas furnace repair can be costly if you haven’t maintained your system. However with regular maintenance and a service level agreement with your manufacturer, you may be able to avoid the worst of the gas furnace repair costs which can arise. Gas furnace replacement may end up being the only alternative if you cannot fix the problem with your gas boiler. It may simply be unfeasible and not be economic to replace expensive parts of your boiler when other parts are likely to fail due to their age. So you will have to decide whether or not you wish to replace your boiler with a new one, or pay to repair your old one. Either way, ensure that you employ the services of a qualified engineer to install parts or your new boiler.